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Azorean Cold Smoked Fish

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Casa do Portinho

"Innovating our tradition"

Located in Terceira Island, “Casa do Portinho” is the first Azorean brand dedicated to handcrafted smoked fish production. We are certified as an artisanal production unit by the Azores Regional Government.

Under the motto “innovating our tradition”, our main goal is a differentiated and sustainable production, allying traditional methods to more modern and innovative practices. In order to achieve these goals and high food safety standards, we make sure to monitor all production processes and steps.

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Cavala com Pimenta da Terra
Receita Casa do Portinho

"Casa do Portinho"
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Cold Smoked Mackerel Arancini with Aioli Sauce



An absolutely delicious reinvention of this traditional croquet from Sicily, using our handcrafted Azorean cold smoked Mackerel.
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Mushrooms and cold smoked blue jack mackerel Surf & Turf



This Blue Jack mackerel soup with “vinha-de-alhos” cracklings is the ideal combination for an Autumn evening.
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Cold Smoked BlueJack Mackerel Canapé



Cold smoked blue jack mackerel Canapé, see how to prepare this delicious Canapé.
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