More Than a Brand

Casa do Portinho

The history of “Casa do Portinho” merges with that of it´s founders. Both are apnea divers and spearfishers since young age and thus developed an unshakable passion for Ocean, in particular, the Azorean Sea. Eventually, their love would lead them to choose being professional seafood gatherers and seafood dealers, leading them to travel across the Azorean Archipelago for many years.

All this experience gave them a vast knowledge about the species and ecosystems of the Azores and an ever-great respect by the Sea. It was this deep feeling, allied to their imagination and the utmost necessity to evolve the Azores Fishing business model into a more sustainable one that led to the development of the products offered by “Casa do Portinho”.

Vision and Values

Each and every product from “Casa do Portinho” are an expression of the level of care and respect we have for their origin.


Tradition and Quality

The true Azorean Nature, delivered in each of our products.

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Rigorously Produced

We developed our own production methodology and equipment to offer you consistent and safe products that keep the same properties of the best traditionally cold smoked fish with more contemporary characteristics.

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Passion for Fish Smoking

Each product is the end result of our team’s commitment and passion.

It was the year of 2016, in a beautiful house near the seashore with a beautiful view over “Porto Guilherme” where both founders of the “Casa do Portinho” began to swim and spearfish when they were children, that passion for the Sea merged with the lost tradition of fish smoking.

This house, which dates back to the late 18th/early 19th Century had a traditional brick oven with a traditional “mãos-postas” chimney (“praying hands”). These elements ended-up serving as an inspiration for the brand´s name and logo, as a tribute to where, by coincidences of faith, the project´s “path” began. It looks like nothing happens by chance… .

Our products offer contemporary and original versions of the traditional smoked fish, while exclusively using the best Azorean fish and our endemic wood, the Azorean Firetree.


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