The Origin

“I am an Islet; so, evenly or greater than an Island, the Islet's definition is being intensely surrounded by the Ocean. We live out of fish, the tide time and watching ships go by..” - Vitorino Nemésio

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Nature carved 9 beautiful and unique Islands: The Azores. With their volcanic seashores contrasting with the intense green from the land above and a endless Ocean, this Archipelago dazzles both visitors and the Azoreans themselves…the “Azorianity”, as Vitorino Nemésio nicknamed the experience of feeling the Azores, didn’t change with time…

Since always, the Azorean way of life was shaped by knowledge sharing with other cultures. In particular, Terceira Island has always been a privileged stage for this exchange of knowledge with other cultures. Since the time of the Portuguese discoveries and early Global sea trading, most of the vessels coming from India, Africa and Brazil would dock here. This offered local people a “glimpse” to the otherwise unknown world…stories from “other worlds” and exotic spices would shape the local overall culture in a very particular way. Even during the 20th Century, first with the presence of the British and then the American military, the cultural exchange kept evolving the local traditions, particularly, Gastronomy.

Actively participating in the protection of our greatest icon, the Azorean Sea, implies that whoever works with us will also have to do so. The species we use are captured by small traditional fishing vessels. We also only use species whose stocks are healthy and that, predictably, no negative impact is expected from fishing them. 

Our factory is considered as an “Artisanal production unit” by the Azores Regional Government, where one of the brand’s founders, the only Certified Craftsman in Azores in this activity, is responsible for supervising the whole production. We are proud to be true pioneers in Azores in this business and we hope that our quality and differentiation may honor the unity of our Region and their resources. 

The facilities are located at the beautiful “Quinta dos Cedros” with a privileged view over the World Heritage City of Angra do Heroísmo remind us of our past and motivates us to evolve and help shaping a more sustainable future for the next generation.

It is in this environment, of a unique Nature and culture heritage, that we wish to keep the will to innovate alive.

"All our products are certified by
Marca Açores – Certified by Nature"

Marca Açores

The Azorean Origin

The innovative fusion between the best Azorean fish and the aroma of our endemic Firetree wood originate products with unique characteristics. Our production methods and specially designed equipment, developed and tested over the course of several years, ensure that our products are safe and consistent. All our products are certified by “Marca Açores”, meaning that all the products are “Azorean to their core”…a true gastronomical experience, rich in flavors and aromas.