Production Process

Efficiency from the beginning…

Safety and passion are the key ingredients in our daily work…

At “casa do Portinho” we like to know how everything is done. That is why we are involved in each step of the manufacturing process…from fishing to packing! This way we ensure that our clients get superior quality products.

The whole process was designed by us and follows high food safety production standards. To achieve this, we:

– We monitor the production process;
– Ensure high quality standards of our products;
– Ensure a handcrafted production;
– Rapidly respond to the market demands in a sustainable way.

Imagem de veja seca da casa do portinho
cardume de atuns

FISH .01

We select the best fish from the Azorean Seas to offer you the highest quality products. All fish is sustainably caught and processed in our production unit.

imagem da madeira usada para a defumação

Wood .02

To smoke our fish, we use our endemic wood, the Azorean Firetree. The wood our company uses comes from forest cleaning activities, which helps valuing a resource that would otherwise be discarded. The Azorean Firetree provides a unique and distinct flavor to our fish, reminding us of the Azorean traditional smoking and cooking processes from the “old days”.

peixe a ser defumado

Smokehouse .03

We built our own cold smoking unit to ensure that our products are consistently produced with unparalleled flavors and aromas.

From fishing to smoking, our products are 100% handcrafted and are free from additives, chemical preservatives or food dyes.

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