Vision and Values

A true pact with the Ocean

Respect and Sustainability

The project “Casa do Portinho” helps ensure that the socio-economic benefits come with the greatest respect by the health of the Azorean Sea and its Natural Resources.

In fact, and even though the project is based upon the fishing activity, we only use species whose stocks are healthy and their extraction is done in an artisanal way. 

Respecting our traditions and offering conditions that help fishing communities to profitably develop these sustainable practices, we believe being able to truly help the Regional Blue Economy to evolve in a positive way into the future.

Atum dos Açores
Veja Fumada com Pimenta da Terra e limão
Costa Açoriana
Veja Fumada com Pimenta da Terra e limão

Value What's Ours

The Excellence of Our Products

To add value to the least valued fishing resources is of an extreme importance to diverge the fishing effort. Our business model concept is to present our clients with products of an exceptional quality and bring to our Region the full potential of our resources. In this way, we hope to contribute effectively to a more sustainable economy in Azores, leading the Regional Blue Economy a step further.